Mexico’s monopoly on marijuana production and sales is ending as America makes it legal. At the same time, new uses for marijuana are being created. The medicinal qualities of marijuana that have been proved time and again are leading the legislation in 25 states that have legalized its medical use.

Innovation follows rebirth

Medical use of marijuana is coincidental with the end of the Mexican monopoly. Cartels restricted sales and demanded exorbitant prices for weak and smelly marijuana. Today, marijuana with highly therapeutic chemical content is assured by innovations created by cultivators who are allowed to experiment to accelerate crop growth and increase chemical content that treats myriad disorders.

Rebirth of the Oil Industry

Marijuana is not the first industry to be reborn in America.  Standard of Ohio, owned by John D.Rockefeller, abused would be competitors with its size and finances so that no one could compete and was broken up by the Federal Government in 1910 under the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.  Innovations that resulted were the widespread use of automobiles that used gasoline which was a useless by-product and dumped into our rivers prior to automobiles. Oil was used for lubrication, heating and the kerosene by product was used for lamp oil. Cars were novelties and ran on very explosive fuels but not gasoline until after the breakup

Rebirth of the Telecommunications Industry

The rebirth of the modern communications industry started when AT&T was found to compete unfairly with other telephone companies and was broken up into small telephone companies. Innovations that were coincidental with this break up led quickly to cable television, mobile phones, the Internet, faxing and many other inventions that changed our the world.

Marijuana Innovations

The rebirth of marijuana will lead to similar innovations that have already begun. The technological and product innovations ushering in the transformation of cannabis cultivation from the cartels and clandestine black-market gardens to broad agricultural operations promise a new source of medicine and recreation for millions of people.

Marijuana Treats Skin Cancer

 The University of Canberra in Australia collaborating with an international pharmaceutical company, Cann Pharmaceutical Australia, began 5-year trials with medical-grade cannabis therapy trials for melanoma patients.  Melanoma has doubled since 1973, along with dramatic increases in the United States over the past few decades which has doubled 15 times in the last 40 years, according to the AIM Melanoma Foundation. This is a more rapid increase than for any other type of cancer and is caused by tanning machines that expose us to way too much UV rays and the depletion of the ozone layer in our atmosphere which used to provide protection from UV rays.   Mark Miller  May 19, 2015,


Similar to the rebirths of the oil and telecom industries (the liquor industry followed similar rebirth), marijuana companies will buy up each other until there are only a few huge companies and once again, abuse will follow. As in other cases of abuse, first the products will no longer meet our needs as consumers have nowhere to turn as was the case with oil and telecom. As the behemoth corporations flood the market with attractive packaging, irresistible advertising and merchandising while at the same time reducing the amount of cannabis in certain product lines. Next will come the unfair practices that eliminates competition. Because of this, another underground black market will form that provides medical grade marijuana and the whole process will start over again with the govt declaring the giant companies in restraint of trade and ordering them to cease and desist leading the way for innovation and competition.